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Originally Posted by Dublin13 View Post
The thing is that timetable isn't the DART timetable, it's the DART and Commuter timetable in one file.

As someone who uses both the DART and the Commuter it's instinctive to use the timetable that contains all services due to connections etc.

Still no excuse though - should have been updated or at least had a link to both the old and the new timetables, not like the timetable was decided yesterday.
Itís primarily the DART timetable though, as all the commuter routes have their own route timetables. Itís generally the last of the main timetables to be published, based on previous changes.

As to your final comment, the final timetable was all decided pretty much at the last minute from what I can gather, given that the unions indicated late in the day that they wouldnít accept any roster changes until after the pay negotiations were concluded.

That doesnít leave a lot of time to get all of the pdfs prepared and get the Christmas/New Year pdf timetables done too.

Iíd cut them a little bit of slack!
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