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Question Where do you buy a ticket?

The subsidy to IE has been cut, we all know this. Therefore, money needs to be found from everywhere to cope.

New Year's Day saw a busy day in Cobh, especially in the afternoon/evening time due to the first event of the Titanic100 take place. As it was a Sunday, a Sunday timetable was in stitu. Which sees a bit of a mixture of train frequencies on the line.

I took the 1600 Cork - Cobh, which was busy enough. I purchased my return ticket at a TVM. There was no one around checking tickets. A relative of mine got a spin from Midleton to Glounthaune, to join the 1600 Cork - Cobh as there is no connecting train from Midleton at this time. Glounthaune booking office was closed, and no ticket inspector/seller/RPU on the train so it was a free spin for them to Cobh.

Cobh booking office was also closed, and what cannot only be described as standing-room only for the 1630 Cobh - Cork I was wondering if any of the passengers boarding had a ticket, and how much revenue was lost.

As the Titanic100 event was finishing around 1720, we decided to get the 1730 Cobh - Cork back, but from Rushbrooke as we were nearer to that station. 12ppl (including us) boarded a well filled 2-car at Rushbrooke, where there is no booking office or TVM. We picked up passengers at each station except Carrigaloe to arrive at Cork almost full with a number of passengers standing.

Again, with only 1 TVM at the at Little Island, I wondered how many passengers had tickets and how much revenue was lost with that service and indeed other services...

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