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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
Drivers seem to be instructed to pull up to the platform end to avoid a situation where they stop on the 6 car marker with a 8 coach train, also the CCTV screens are at the platform ends.

The last 300m of approach from Sandymount to Syndey Parade never exceed 50km/h and once the platform is reached the train automatically slows itself to about 10km/h
That seems to make sense, although it seemed like the train was moving at full speed when the driver passed me in Sydney Parade.

With this type of operation, the stairs is pointing in the wrong direction. Passengers should also be encouraged to move down the platform.

Originally Posted by lostcarpark
The platform announcements will say things like "This train is made up of 12 carriages. Passengers for A, B and C should board the front 4 carriages. Passengers for X, Y and Z should board the rear 8 carriages."
Is this to allow you get off at the crossing point / exit? Surely the most efficient use is to have people distributed through the train, using all train doors and tehn trickleing to the exit?
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