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Originally Posted by Jamie2k9 View Post
Don't really buy the door issues, as you say the obvious solution and done time and time again. Max 15 minute delay.

What I have seen do the rounds and more believable is a fight or some sort broke out on the 2900 and of course guards took there time to arrive hence the delay and all the disruption.

Now transport police would have solved the problem.
Still doesn't excuse the lack of communication. The culture in Irish Rail towards passengers has always been appalling however so it doesn't really surprise me, they just simply don't care about people very much.

Good communication certainly will reduce the chances of people starting to panic and therefore they may not detrain in the way that they did. But I guess as usual there will be a smokescreen of the people are idiots for doing so as Irish Rail don't want to look at what they can do better.
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