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Originally Posted by Jamie2k9 View Post
This is all pie in the sky about airport link, out of the 8 services a day do any actually meet flights currently. Kerry will never have a new terminal for many years ahead if not decades and if the PSO is lost lather this year the airport may not even exist in a few years, the lost of the PSO would boost passenger numbers on the Tralee route more than an airport link.

Minus the Dublin flights at most there is 1 flight to London daily with another London and Hahn a few days a week for majority of the year and people think a rail line is justified. The costs involved would never ever be covered unless passengers were going to pay very very high fares to justify a return. The Political Railway Corridor would carry more passengers at Gort than a Kerry Airport stop.

You don't have passenger stats of which % live along the railway either to calculate weather it would be a good investment.

As for extra traffic on Tralee route I'm sure its doing reasonably well when it has more services than Sligo or Waterford.
Population stats for Kerry are useless most of the people who use either the Kerry rail road or airport are part of the high transient population .
If there was a decent commuter system for the Kerry railroad the air port would have stayed as a recreational airstrip. Seeing as a train can get to Dublin city center faster than a plane .
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