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The midlands line was built over by the Canal End. There were no passenger services running on it then.
(I think either IE or CIE got a big corporate box for rent of air rights and sold it and got a small corporate box in Croker.)

GAA and the GPA are looking for high performance sports grants that are awarded to athletes in other sports who subject themselves to out of competition drug testing just like football and hurling players do but are ineligible for these grants at the minute.
The irish govt give these grants to other amateur athletes i.e.boxers as well as professional sportspeople i.e Sonia O Sullivanwho has got paid in bars of gold from the IAAF as well as cash.

The irish govt also allows up to 60000 euros tax break per annumto professional athletes, so it's not as if the GPA and GAA are looking for even close to this.

Anyhoo this is all off topic, I'll ask lrsdc and IE about it and get back.
My point about Residents around Croke Park not getting compensated was more to do with them not being money grabbing rich people, supported primarily by those fine members of the Labour party who sideline as property valuers.
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