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Alan French 25-04-2010 18:59

Has anyone any ideas about Mosney? It functions as a centre for asylum-seekers, as far as I know. Locals tell me there is a busy traffic in taxis there, and there are often several people waiting for buses on the main road.

It sounds as if the station should be re-opened, for some trains at least. I don't know if the demand has peaks, or if it is spread throughout the day. If somoeone tells me that there is no capacity on the trains, I will respond that the trains are only full at peak times. Mosney is one of those places that has been "quietly dropped" from the railway system - I think the issue should remain alive. I mentioned it at "Meet the Managers".

What do you think?

dowlingm 25-04-2010 19:29

I think that would defeat the "out of sight out of mind" intent of sticking them there in the first place.

dave wilson 25-04-2010 21:01

And further add to the running time on the line with no benefit to the railway.


ThomasJ 25-04-2010 21:09

well its still alive in spirit

1. Maynooth trains constantly display it as their destination!

2. At howth junction the pis screens show for drogheda and dundalk trains :

"1 Calling at all stations to drogheda EXCEPT Mosney"

Mark Gleeson 25-04-2010 21:58

The commuters in Drogheda would revolt if a further stop appeared

If there is a verifiable demand it should be open, but the numbers living in Mosney have declined in recent years.

Capacity is a real problem but also is frequency and since Mosney closed before the massive increase in services which happened in 2004/5 getting a Dublin bound train to the platform, there being only one is more of a challenge.

Previously Mosney was solely a destination so it has no ticket office, no TVM. So how revenue is collected could be an issue.

For the record Mosney is still classed as open

Alan French 05-05-2010 19:02

Thanks for the comments. I'm not advocating that trains should stop at Mosney at times when they are already full. Obviously, market research would have to be done first - my objection is when people assume the answer is negative before any research begins. A lot would depend on the spread of travel needs through the day. The case will be strongest if there are certain times when a lot of people want to travel: then selected trains would stop there and others would not be affected.

It's not quite true that Mosney was only a destination. In the days of Butlin's, in the summer season most stopping trains and some semi-fast trains stopped there all day, 6 days a week, and on Sundays when a suburban service operated. People staying at the camp made trips out from the station, and they must have been able to buy tickets.

For some time after trains ceased to call there, trains terminating at Balbriggan used to continue to Mosney and wait at the platform before returning. Does anyone know if this still happens? If so, there is no excuse for not carrying passengers.

I'm not saying Mosney is a high priority; on this line probably Dunleer is more important. I just feel the issue should be kept alive because closures have a way of being sneaked in, and then made permanent by the shear inertia of organisations.

Traincustomer 05-05-2010 19:58

I think there is viable merit in Mosney having some trains.

I remember a few years ago a clerk at Drogheda marking the trains which stopped there in pen on an A4 timetable leaflet for me. I don't think the services stopping there were publicised towards the end.

Many years before that at I recall the blue NIR loco hauling the Enterprise serving the station (think it was just one morning train that called).

There is a pleasant walk from Laytown along the coast to near Mosney but don't think it's possible to get from the beach/dunes to the former camp/station (no underpass to my knowledge).

I imagine it is possible to walk from the main road through the camp to/from the platform (maybe not actually onto the platform though). I have an inkling that there may be a special path through the camp to/from the station.

Ultimately will Mosney remain in its present role or is there a chance it may revert to a holiday centre? The nearby Funtasia opened in recent years fills some of the gap though. Trabolgan in East Cork is a similar centre that was opened in more recent decades.

Having only ever been in Mosney once (by train from/to Drogheda) it did give a pleasant day out. (I can't recall what ticket facilities were there as it's so long ago - possibly a member of staff was on the platform checking people were in possession of tickets).

The fact that Mosney's platform is on a loop off the two main running lines certainly has operational advantages.

Brian Condron 06-05-2010 00:15

I heard somewhere that Mosney was leased as an asylum centre for 10 years in 2000, and that lease which runs out this year is not due to be renewed. So not much use in reopening the railway station for that.

I'll try look for a source tomorrow.

Mark Gleeson 06-05-2010 08:59


Originally Posted by Cavanrailbus (Post 55919)
The fact that Mosney's platform is on a loop off the two main running lines certainly has operational advantages.

Its a pain when you have two trains calling at Mosney a few minutes apart of when a Dublin bound service has to cross in the face of a north bound service. Mosney closed before the significant increase in train frequencies which happened in 2003/4. Tara Mines trains regularly pull in to get out of the way.

As posted the lease expires this year, so any decision hangs on what happens next and in the current mess the government will be quick to shut and merge as much it possible

The station is only accessible from the Mosney camp which limits local access, which is already served by Gormanston and Laytown.

Trains which terminate at Balbriggan depending on timing either turnback at Balbriggan or run via Mosney. Wrong line working is available between Skerries and Balbriggan northbound and the northbound platform has a starting signal and points for Dublin

Traincustomer 19-08-2015 14:50

On a journey past the station earlier this week I noticed that there is no longer a track to access the platform at Mosney.

I understand the track beside the platform (a loop off the running lines) was removed in recent months.

I would have thought that the loop has a value for operational flexibility. Or perhaps it's just being renewed and work hasn't started on the new track yet?

There are still station signs in situ.

Jamie2k9 19-08-2015 14:54

Was removed last month, not been renewed, trains run empty Drogheda (used to use loop as turn back) and minor schedule change out of Dublin in evenings.

Personally I believe it is important loop for such a busy route but the clever clogs running the railways take a different view.

Traincustomer 19-08-2015 15:26

Thanks for the information.

Just been looking at the timetable and I see that the 14.44 Pearse - Drogheda and 15.50 Drogheda - Connolly (which previously terminated/commenced at Balbriggan & think would have used Mosney loop) now operate in service to and from Drogheda. They run non-stop between Balbriggan and Drogheda in both directions.

Don't remember seeing any notification of this timetable change.

I understand that there are approximately 500 residents in Mosney at present.

Jamie2k9 19-08-2015 15:48


Don't remember seeing any notification of this timetable change.
That's because there wasn't any, believe there may have also been some change at around 18.00 to one service out of Pearse.

Traincustomer 19-08-2015 16:43


That's because there wasn't any
I wonder why not. An additional train to and from Drogheda is certainly worthy of mention. Surely it is best practice for each and every change no matter how minor to be notified.


believe there may have also been some change at around 18.00
From looking at the timetables both ways all that seems to be different is that the 18.06 Balbriggan - Pearse is advanced to 17.55. Intermediate stations served remain unchanged. Arrives Pearse 18.38.

Eddie 19-08-2015 19:43


Originally Posted by Jamie2k9 (Post 75980)
Personally I believe it is impotent loop for such a busy route but the clever clogs running the railways take a different view.


Jamie2k9 19-08-2015 21:50


Originally Posted by Eddie (Post 75984)


Inniskeen 20-08-2015 23:13

The timetable alterations associated with the closure of Mosney loop have been chaotic. In so far as I understand them the 1444 from Pearse to Balbriggan is extended to Drogheda, non-stop from Balbriggan returning at 1550. Neither staff nor PIS seem to be consistently aware of the change and there have been several instances of passengers being evicted from the 1444 at Balbriggan. The 1707 from Connolly turns back at Balbriggan at 1755 and frequently delays the 1713 Pearse/Dundalk, on occasions by up to 10 minutes.

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