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ie219 05-04-2018 07:53

self service tickets
Yesterday I wanted to buy a return ticket at Killiney to Newbridge. Impossible to do at the auto ticket machine. So I went to Pearse and had no problem at the machine there.

What is the big deal with buying tickets. Surly these machines are all the same set up. I do not understand the problem. Why can I not buy a ticket from any station in Ireland to any other one.

There is still no ticket machine in Kilcoole

James Shields 05-04-2018 11:06

Similar problem in Drogheda. I can get a direct train from Drogheda to Lansdowne Road, but the automatic ticket machine can't sell me a ticket to that destination (when I've had to, I've bought a ticket to Pearse, which is the same price, but I've once had to explain myself to nice man from the RPU, who probably would have been within his rights to fine me for not having the correct ticket for my journey).

Mark Gleeson 06-04-2018 18:49

Booking office can but ticket machines cannot

Its an open issue with Irish Rail currently, it might get resolved this year

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