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Prius 28-09-2008 12:30

[26/092/2008] 22:25 Mallow - Tralee
On the 20:00 from Heuston, arrived in Mallow only be told about a bus substitution as most people were already making their way over the platform. Obviously no compensation or explanation either. Would it be that hard to make some kind of announcement on the train?

I seem to feel the bus substitutions are becoming more common?

Mark Gleeson 28-09-2008 16:33

Telling you would be admitting to the world there is a problem and Irish Rail management do not like admitting how bad the service really is.

Its either a lack of drivers or a lack of serviceable trains.

You can only claim compensation if you where an hour late at destination. There is a grey area if you had a seat reservation on the train which was substituted by bus, you have a case under the charter but it depends on who you deal with in IE as to whether you see a refund or not.

Jferb 01-10-2008 01:49

Considering the alternative is being dumped on one of those horrid commuter thingys, I'm beginning to see the attractions of the bustitution for the 22:25 service (at least I can doze off for the 1 1/2 hours on a bus - those bench seats on the noisy, freezing 2600s are impossible to get comfortable on). . .

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