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Jamie2k9 05-01-2018 16:40

Delays at Heuston
So there was a fatality earlier and the line re-opened around 14.00. Not a lot anybody could do.

13.00 to Cork failed at Hazelhatch after departed an hour late.
13.15 to Waterford only departed Hazelhatch at 16.34 (3 hours late)
13.25 to Galway only departed Hazelhatch at 16.36 (3 hours late)

They have gotten the rest of the schedule afterwords on time with the slow line but it is complexity un acceptable that a failed Cork train has taken 2 hours to move when a rescue loco would do the job and its so close to Dublin. Not forgetting the fact they cannot reverse trains on quad track is ridiculous.

Why couldn't they of gone into absolute position and taken the Galway/Waterford back to Heuston and re route?

We have gone back to a time when loco's are now failing almost daily lately..

Jamie2k9 05-01-2018 17:00

Suspended again because of trespassers around Newbridge.

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