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Colm Moore 21-04-2010 23:16

Railcard/Taxsaver Loyalty Fares
I understand that (Irish Rail?) Taxsaver customers are now able to buy intercity at the same price as Railcard users.

What is the structure of these fares - they seem to be indicating a saving of 0.50-1.50 off normal (not the 10 deals, etc.) web fares.

Mark Gleeson 22-04-2010 06:46

Anyone holding an Irish Rail issued annual ticket (the one with the photo on the ticket) is now entitled to discounts on intercity travel.

The fare is the same as the 16-25 Faircard so it offers a considerable discount however this varies by route and may of course be under cut by web fares. Tickets may be bought at booking office or online.

Specific details on the scheme are being sent to the companies who are in the taxsaver scheme, so check with HR/payroll

Thomas Ralph 22-04-2010 06:51

Entirely different fare matrix. The discounts are from the full adult price rather than the web fare. Discount on singles is higher than the discount on returns, and the discount on Dublin-Cork/Kerry/Limerick and Dublin-Dundalk lines (the reduction is only valid in ROI) is higher than the other lines.

The Railcard single fare is generally, but not always, slightly less than the highest online single, but is a walk-up fare.

Random example Heuston-Cork monthly return 78, railcard 51, 35% off (or 29% compared to a five day return).

Random example 2 Limerick-Cork five day return 37, railcard 24.20, 35% off

Extreme (low) example Heuston-Carlow monthly return 18, railcard 17.40, 3% off.

Extreme (high) example Connolly-Enniscorthy single (Fri/Sun) 28, railcard 13, 54% off.

Mark Gleeson 23-04-2010 12:09

Details now say you must buy online to avail of the discount


Thomas Ralph 23-04-2010 13:08

I wonder does this apply to Dublin Bus-issued bus and rail tickets? Or indeed to non-rail tickets?

MugsGame 17-06-2010 09:47

The articles on TaxSaver.ie suggest any annual tax saver ticket is eligible, including bus. Will be interesting to see if this is borne out on the ground...

Also, there seem to be some anomalies in the single fare discounts e.g. Heuston to Killarney standard class web fare is cheaper (36) than with the tax-saver "discount" (36.50). I know the online fares are sometimes cheaper, but you can only book the tax-saver loyalty ticket online...

Thomas Ralph 17-06-2010 10:57

I think that's probably a corner case and most if not all other fares have at least some reduction.

Mark Gleeson 17-06-2010 11:00

Different tickets have different terms and conditions, the taxsaver loyalty has far greater flexibility if you decide later to change your plans

MugsGame 17-06-2010 11:47


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson (Post 56734)
the taxsaver loyalty has far greater flexibility if you decide later to change your plans

Great, do you have a link for the conditions on this? Can I travel on an alternative train on the same day without a surcharge?

I booked a return tax saver loyalty on the route in question and the confirmation email says

Ticket Rules

Changes and cancellations

Passengers wishing to travel on the same day, but on an alternative train other than the time shown on their ticket, can do so provided seats are available, by paying a surcharge. The surcharge of up to 40 should be paid at the booking office before boarding the train. If a booking office is not open the surcharge must be paid on board the train. All tickets are only valid for travel on the dates printed on the ticket.

Mark Gleeson 17-06-2010 12:34

Its the difference between the fare paid and the cash fare in force

A tax saver loyalty ticket should be valid without surcharge on any train scheduled to depart after the time printed on the same day provided that train is not sold out

markpb 03-08-2010 11:24


Originally Posted by Thomas Ralph (Post 55631)
I wonder does this apply to Dublin Bus-issued bus and rail tickets? Or indeed to non-rail tickets?

I was wondering about this too. The IR and TaxSaver sites both say "Annual taxsaver tickets" but don't clarify. Someone in Heuson (on the phone) told me it was just Irish rail tickets. I mailed the Irish Rail office in TaxSaver and got these replies:


Originally Posted by IR
The TaxSaver Loyalty rate is available for anyone with a TaxSaver ticket this includes this would cover any ticket with rail incorporated into the ticket or Dublin Bus Tickets. For further information on TaxSaver go to www.taxsaver.ie


Originally Posted by IR
TaxSaver is a brand registered to Dublin Bus and Irish Rail, it just states Annual TaxSaver ticket because it covers all Annual TaxSaver Tickets and this would include Dublin Bus & Luas Tickets

Thomas Ralph 03-08-2010 13:36

Clear as mud then, and likely only to be resolved when someone gets on the wrong side of the RPU.

markpb 03-08-2010 13:37


Originally Posted by Thomas Ralph (Post 57534)
Clear as mud then, and likely only to be resolved when someone gets on the wrong side of the RPU.

I bought two discount tickets and I'll have the email from Irish Rail printed out and carried with me in case anyone objects.

eoinmadden 12-10-2010 15:54

Has this scheme disappeared again?

Thomas Ralph 12-10-2010 16:07

The fare isn't consistently coming up. It's there on Heuston to Cork/Limerick/Kerry, but not on Heuston to Galway/Waterford.

Mark Gleeson 12-10-2010 16:07

Its still there

Thomas Ralph 12-10-2010 20:43

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Thomas Ralph 12-10-2010 20:45

If it's of interest, I checked at Sandymount station this evening and the 16-25 Railcard fare for that journey is 28, same as the adult fare. Could that be causing it?

Mark Gleeson 12-10-2010 21:45

Seen this bug before, the promotion is still very much there

You can call telesales instead, no cost difference

Thomas Ralph 13-10-2010 08:23

We might know you can call telesales, but how about the random punter? And how is the said random punter going to know the number? And what if he decides at half six in the evening that he wants to go to Waterford at 0710 the next morning (telesales being closed)?

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