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jacko 09-08-2011 09:15

Developments at Cobh Station ?
Planning notice has gone up outside the station for development/refurbishment of station but applicant is South & East Cork Development Co rather than Irish Rail/CIE - anyone able to shed any light on this ?

markpb 09-08-2011 10:30

Dunno if it helps but


South and East Cork Area Development Ltd. is an integrated development company that has successfully delivered rural development and social inclusion programmes and initiatives in the East Cork area since 1995 on behalf of the European Union and the Irish Government through the National Development Plan.

Mark Gleeson 09-08-2011 14:13

All I know is a TVM is on its way

The current access for wheelchairs is not in compliance with the section M requirements, the ramp is long and steep. So I'm guessing that will be worked on.

Most of the station building is not owned by Irish Rail anymore, its the heritage centre

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